Aeropress Bryggeguide

Aeropress er til dig, der ønsker kvalitet i koppen hurtigt og effektivt. Aeopress udnytter og sammenfatter det bedste fra tre bryggemetoder: stempelkande, drip coffee og espresso.

Step 1

Boil water and grind the coffee

Step 2

Insert the piston 2 cm. into the brewer and place the press in inverted position

Step 3

Once the kettle has boiled, wait 20 seconds

Step 4

Add coffee and water, then set the timer and give the coffee a quick stir

Step 5

Place disk in filter cap, run some hot water through, and lock on to the press

Step 6

Let it steep for 2 minutes and then flip the press onto your cup

Step 7

Slowly press. Stop when you hear the hiss. Enjoy