Drip Coffee Bryggeguide

Drip Coffee giver komplet kontrol over ekstraktionen ved brygningen. Den lidt mere tidskrævende og nørdede tilgang til kaffebrygningen sikrer en kop kaffe fuld af detaljerede smagsnuancer.

Step 1

Boil water and grind the coffee

Step 2

Place filter in the dripper and since briefly under the hot tap. Place the brewer on top of the cup

Step 3

Once the kettle has boiled, wait 20 seconds

Step 4

Add 17 grams of coffee to the brewer and wet it all with some of the hot water

Step 5

Wait 30 seconds while the flavours are released - “blooming”

Step 6

Slowly (1,5 minutes) pour the remainder (total of 250 grams) of the water onto the coffee

Step 7

Now, enjoy your coffee!